Seattle gets its fair share of love but it’s not every day that we get recognized on a global level. This year, TIME media group listed Seattle among its list of ‘The World’s Greatest Places Of 2021’. TIME’s description of our city was short and sweet as “Visions of the future”. And between tech, natural resources, and our already rich history we all know this to be true. But let’s see why TIME thinks our city is so notable.

First off, TIME chose its 100 places mostly based on post-pandemic growth and nominations. In their words, the places selected displayed “ingenuity, creativity, revitalization” when it came to reopening after the dumpster fire that was 2020.

Seattle’s recognition starts off with a blast from the past. Going all the way back to 1962, Time points out that Seattle truly once was the future as the Space Needle debuted at the World’s Fair. We were put on the map as more than just a port city. Now Seattle has certainly been growing since the 60s but figures like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and others have helped us to speed up the process and become a powerful player in the global tech sector. You could almost say at this point that Seattle embodies the idea that the future is now.

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While it’s no Space Needle, we’re making global waves again this year with the opening of Climate Pledge Arena. If you didn’t know it’s the world’s first carbon-zero arena. Obviously alongside that our city’s reputation as a sports hub is growing as well, as we welcome our brand new NHL team.

But that’s not all, Time also made sure to point out yet another one of Seattle’s most important scenes, our culinary scene. This year Canlis made history by naming Aisha Ibrahim as its first female executive chef. But that’s not all, Seattle is also home to the first permanent location of popular food truck Dat Creole Soul from chef Hampton Isom. Not to mention the city gained so many other amazing new restaurants this year.

Seattle’s ranking on this list is well deserved and it’s not hard to see why we were chosen. It’s also worth mentioning that we were the only place in the PNW included and alongside other west coast spots like Napa Valley and Los Angeles. Let’s all give ourselves a round of applause and you can see the full list by clicking here.