Canlis has been through a lot of reinventions in the past year. From rotating themed menus and dining experiences to the loss of its executive chef, the restaurant has been through it all. However, they now have a new executive chef who is making history for the restaurant. She is the restaurant’s first female executive chef, the first execute chef of color, and is also gay. Welcome, Aisha Ibrahim.

Aisha Ibrahim started at the PNW’s iconic restaurant on April 30th and before her new role here, she worked at several Michelin-starred restaurants. She will focus on the PNW’s Indigenous ingredients and micro seasons during her time at Canlis. Additionally, she will look at the city’s historic and present gateway to Asia through her focus on Asian-influenced dining. Basically, Canlis is about to become even more interesting!

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Additionally, Ibrahim’s partner, Samantha Beaird will also start a new role at the restaurant as a research and development chef. So we have to say, we’re extremely excited to see what the duo will cook up and how the restaurant will evolve going forward. And if you’re itching to see what Canlis is like these days, you can dine at Camp Canlis right now.

If you’d like to learn more about Aisha Ibrahim you can click here. And if you’d like to make a reservation at Canlis or learn more about the restaurant you can click here. Hopefully, the restaurant will reopen for indoor dining this July. With that, enjoy!