The holidays are great fun, but getting family and friends together can be a lot of work. And 2022 has been a busy year, so if you’re looking to take the stress out of Christmas, we have some options for you. Here are 6 places to find Christmas dinner this year!

Goldfinch Tavern

Let Goldfinch Tavern take care of Christmas Day dinner, enjoy a feast prepared by Chef Brian Doherty and his culinary team. You’ll get to taste a bounty of appetizers and salads before selecting your entrée with options ranging from Chilean Seabass to Smoked & Peppered Ribeye.

Where: 99 Union St
When: December 25th
Cost: $150 per person, $70 per child

13 Coins

Local favorite 13 coins has a few offerings available for Christmas Day dinner. Choose from dishes like Leek and Langoustine Risotto or Roast Prime Rib. These offerings are not prix fixe and are priced per dish so you can go as big or small as you’d like.

Where: 255 S King St
When: December 25th

Lady Jaye

I’m dreaming of a smoked meat Christmas… Lady Jaye is offering several hot take-home items available on Christmas Eve this year. You’ll find items like Wagyu beef, Turkey drum confit, and more. Keep in mind these offerings are limited so act fast if something strikes your fancy.

Where: 4523 California Ave SW
When: Pick up December 24th, 1 PM-3 PM

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Plum Bistro

Of course, we had to throw in a plant-based option. Plum Bistro is offering “Grandaddy’s Southern Christmas Dinner” – a take-home dinner with tons of tasty options. Some of the dishes include Smoked maple glazed dinner roast, sweet Yankee cornbread with rosemary sage butter, mashed potatoes and gravy⁠, and much more.

Where: 1429 12th Ave
When: Pick up December 24th


Mamnoon is offering take-home dinner packages this holiday season that feed up to 4-6 guests. They also have solo offerings if you’ll be spending the holidays alone. Menu items include spice-rubbed leg of lamb, stuffed eggplant, baharat roasted brussels sprouts, za’atar roasted sweet potatoes, batata harra, chickpea and Eggplant bi-zeit & mast-o musir.

Where: 1508 Melrose Ave
When: Pick up December 24th
Cost: $25-$180 per person


If you live on the east side, Hearth is a great choice. You can enjoy a three-course menu with offerings like cauliflower fennel soup, prime rib, and holiday spiced pudding. Plus it’s available at the restaurant so you don’t have to do any clean up at home!

Where: 220 Kirkland Avenue, Kirkland, WA
When: December 25th
Cost: $75 per person, $35 per child

Keep in mind that reservations or pre order are needed for all of the offerings listed. So be sure to think ahead and book those tables and dinners now while you still can. Enjoy Christmas dinner Seattle, and Merry Christmas!