Ready to hear about Seattle real estate yet again? Our city has made another ranking pretty much making this the summer of local real estate. So, in case you’re curious, here’s where Seattle ranks in the best and worst places to rent in America.

With Seattle’s reputation for housing and renting, it might not be too hard to guess where we stand nationally. Especially after recently ranking as having one of the highest rent increases in the US. But keep in mind we also recently ranked as one of the best places for singles to move to.

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Source: WalletHub
This new ranking comes from WalletHub, they looked at over 180 rental markets based on 22 key measures of rental attractiveness and quality of life. So where exactly did Seattle end up? Somewhere in the middle at #48, not great but also not horrible.
Because you’re probably curious the top 10 best places to rent in America are as follows.

1. Columbia, MD
2. Overland Park, KS
3. Sioux Falls, SD
4. Bismarck, ND
5. Lincoln, NE
6. Chandler, AZ
7. Scottsdale, AZ
8. Gilbert, AZ
9. El Paso, TX
10. Casper, WY

So if you’ve been interested in making a move, you might just want to consider one of those cities. You can check out the full ranking on WalletHub’s website.