Need some good news for hump day? We’ve got you covered. Our very own rainy city has made yet another ranking and this time for a good reason. What is Seattle known for being? Green, and now we’re being recognized for it.

A new study from Moneypenny analyzed and compared America’s 100 biggest cities to discover exactly which was the greenest place to work. Set factors for this ranking include things like air quality, number of parks, vegetarian restaurants, the average distance to work, and more. Seems like Seattle would pretty much ace those factors doesn’t it?

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The top ten greenest cities to work in the US are as follows.

1. Boston, Massachusets
2. San Francisco, California
3. Irvine, California
4. Seattle, Washington
5. Washington, DC
6. New Orleans, Louisiana
7. Madison, Wisconsin
8. Minneapolis, Minnesota
9. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
10. Baltimore, Maryland

Seattle coming in 4th is kind of a no-brainer but to be honest we would have expected our city to at least be in the top 3. When it comes to the nitty-gritty details, Seattle had a score of “4.581, thanks to its impressive air quality and high rate of sustainable jobs (0.165) and parks (0.160) per 1,000 people.”

If you wondering the ten least green cities to work in the US are as follows.

41. Fort Worth, Texas
42. Anaheim, California
43. Santa Ana, California
44. Riverside, California
45. Chandler, Arizona
46. Paradise, Nevada
47. Garland, Texas
48. Chula Vista, California
49. Los Angeles, California
50. Loredo, Texas

You can learn more and see the full ranking at Moneypenny’s website.