Will it be a white Christmas? It’s certainly an icy start to the holiday and as a city that isn’t used to snow and ice, Seattle is having quite a few issues. Namely, that the runways at SEA are closed indefinitely during some of the busiest travel days of the year. Here’s what we know so far.

At 5:10 AM this morning, SEA tweeted that runways will be closed indefinitely due to ice. As of 6:57 AM this morning one runway is open after being de-iced with the airport running under “limited operations”.

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While the ice is frustrating for both travellers and Seattleites alike, it should start to dissipate this weekend. According to the Weather Network, temperatures will begin to rise on Saturday with a predicted temperature of 48 degrees. That will rise even more to the low 50s accompanied by rain.

Hang in there Seattle, soon we’ll be back to our good old rainy ways. You can learn more about current weather conditions at SEA by visiting their Twitter or by checking with your airline.