Here’s a fun story. In a recent Taking Stock With Teens Survey in the U.S., Ryan Reynolds topped the list of favourite celebs, which means American teens are just as enamoured with the Vancouver-born actor as we are.

The semi-annual survey by Piper Sandler takes a look at the spending trends and brand preferences of 14,500 teenagers across 47 states, with an average age of 15.8 years. Topics include top online shopping sites, clothing and makeup brands, restaurants, streaming platforms, and much more.


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Quick stats

For daily video consumption, for example, it was a tight race between Netflix (32%) and Youtube (29%) – leaving just 8% of respondents choosing Hulu.

Ulta and e.l.f topped the lists of cosmetic preferences, Nike was the #1 footwear and apparel brand, and Chick-fil-A was the top restaurant choice for teens.

And in terms of other celebrities that made the cut, there’s Adam Sandler in second place, Taylor Swift in third, Kevin Hart in fourth, and Zendaya rounding things off at #5.

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Fan of Ryan Reynolds will know his newest holiday movie is coming out soon! That’s right, Reynolds is starring in a new holiday movie alongside fellow actor and comedian Will Ferrell called Spirited – a spinoff of the classic tale of A Christmas Carol which comes out next month, on November 18.

In other recent news, Reynolds also announced he will be making a documentary about John Candy.

We love Ryan as much as US teens! Maybe even more.