ICYMI, Ryan Reynolds is starring in a new holiday movie alongside fellow actor and comedian Will Ferrell called Spirited – a spinoff of the classic tale of A Christmas Carol. 

Yes, the film is a musical. And yes, viewers can fully expect to see Reynolds and Ferrell singing and dancing in the holiday flick. And you won’t have to wait much longer to be able to see it on your own silver screen.

The Deadpool actor began dropping crumbs as early as July of last year when he shared a tweet on Day 1 of shooting. Fast forward to December 2021, and Reynolds drops a “Spirited iPhoto Album” slideshow of behind-the-scenes footage and iMessage convos with Will Ferrell. To say that fans and musical lovers are highly anticipating its release would be an understatement!

And until its global premiere this week, we’ve got the trailer on loop.


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In addition to Reynolds and Ferrell, viewers can expect to see Octavia Spencer, Jen Tullock, Patrick Page, Sunita Mani, and more take the proverbial (and literal) stage.

The movie will launch globally on Apple TV+ on Friday, November 18th. So while a Friday night out is hard to turn down, we might just have to this week.