Howdy, Vancouver! With summer (and actually nice cycling weather) just around the corner, we thought we should remind you about 529 Garage, a free service for bike owners. By partnering with policy departments across Canada, 529 Garage has reconnected tens of thousands of owners with stolen bikes.

Basically, 529 Garage lets you create a profile for your bike, and includes info like the make, model, year, colour… basically, anything that will help police identify it. There are also free stickers available, just in case you want to try and deter the savvier thieves out there.

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Of course, registering with 529 Garage isn’t a guarantee that your bike will be found if it’s stolen. But Vancouver still has the highest bike theft rate in all of Canada, with around 2,000 bikes stolen every year. It’s not exactly a reassuring stat, at least in our eyes.

So, a little extra protection wouldn’t hurt. We’ve had bikes stolen before, and we can safely say that searching Craigslist in vain for like 3 weeks just ends up being a bummer all around. Plus, if your bike is recovered, you’ll be notified about it! We ride around on a pretty cheap bike, and even still, we think that registering it is a good idea.

For more information on 529 Garage, check out the City of Vancouver website. Otherwise, click here to register your bike today!