If you think that live-streams just don’t capture the magic of a live show, then you might want to check out Curbside Concerts, which just recently launched in Vancouver. Having started in Calgary in March of last year, this concept has grown into a national phenom, connecting local artists and fans in a socially-distant manner. And, we’re the latest city to join the club! Here’s a little more info for you.

We’ll be the first to admit that the idea is ingeniously simple. Basically, Curbside Concerts provides an online format for artists to continue performing live concerts, for a decidedly smaller crowd. And, what started with a handful of artists now has hundreds of them to choose from. Vancouver, for example, already has 12 local names on board.

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Each artist on the website on the website has their own profile, but we suggest actually listening to their music before booking as well. The music genres run the gamut, from soulful blues to high-energy rock. And, while we’re sure requests are accepted, we can’t really expect someone to completely change their sound.

We always can’t help but be impressed with the booking procedures. Before actually paying, you’ll need to submit a request for the concert, and include all the relevant info about your plan to make sure you’re not violating local health restrictions. So, curbside concert where you and your neighbours are all chilling on your front decks? Not a problem. Backyard BBQ with 15 of your closest friends? Yeah, that probably won’t fly.

And finally, for those wondering how much a service like this costs, you’re looking at around $300 for a 45-minute long concert. So it’s pricey, but pretty reasonable when you take all the factors into account. If you’d like to learn more, just head over to the Curbside Concerts website.

And maybe enjoy some honest-to-goodness live music this summer, Vancouver!