To the rest of the world, Canada is thought of as one of the kindest countries around. But that doesn’t mean we don’t know how to bring a little friendly fire when it comes to in-fighting. Reddit user u/RileyRichard hilariously highlighted that in a recent post showcasing 9 Ways to Divide Canada. No one was safe from the roasting that ensued from this hysterical, albeit not entirely wrong, depiction of our country.

The maps begins fairly innocent, with colour-coded divisions showing the differences in legal drinking ages or the places that have a capital city located on an island.

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9 Ways To Divide Canada from r/divisionmaps

But from there on out, it gets hilariously ruthless. One map shades in the country based on which parts remember that Manitoba even exists (not a whole lot of places). One depicts which areas collectively hate Alberta (pretty much everyone but Alberta and some parts of Quebec). One depicts which areas either hate or like Montreal (spoiler: Quebec’s not a fan, everyone else is). And one shows all the places that hate Toronto (which is everywhere, including Toronto).

9 ways to divide canada

Other maps get political, with colour-coded shading depicting which federal leaders are despised the most in each area (no comment). Or which parts of the country have tried to pull a True North version of Brexit at some point (again, no comment).

9 ways to divide canada

Overall, the 9 Ways to Divide Canada post is great if you’re looking for a little laughter this morning. Friendly banter between provinces never hurt anyone, right?

You can see the full post on Reddit here.