Ramadan is officially underway, beginning on March 10th, 2024 until April 9th.

According to Stats Canada, Ramadan is “one of the five pillars of Islam, taking place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar to commemorate the revelation of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad.”

The sacred month includes fasting from sunrise to sunset, religious reflection, family get-togethers and giving! Some restaurants in and around Toronto are celebrating the month with some Ramadan Iftar specials to enjoy.

Here are 6 restaurants in and around Toronto with Ramadan Iftar specials.

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Located in Toronto’s east end, Mahas is serving up a special Ramadan Iftar menu starting on Wednesday, March 13th running each Wednesday until April 3rd.

There will be four different menus each night all featuring delicious Egyptian dishes including Molokheia, Bamya, Fatta and Macarona Bel Bechamel.

Each preset menu is three courses and there will be 50 seats available per evening costing $120 per person. If you want to reserve a spot you’ll have to call, or direct message Mahas on social media.

Where: Mahas, 226 Greenwood Ave

Ruposhi Bangla

Ruposhi Bangla is celebrating Ramadan with an all-you-can-eat Iftar buffet. The buffet is underway and runs until the end of Ramadan, April 9th.

Enjoy over 20 menu items for $24.99 including Khejur, Shorbot, Zilapi, Daal Puri and Beef Haleem.

Where: Ruposhi Bangla, 2680 Lawrence Ave E

Karahi Point


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Karahi Point has multiple locations and is running a few different specials for Ramadan.

An Iftar buffet will be available all of Ramadan, costing $33.99 per adult and $21.99 per child during the week. During the weekends it runs for $36.99 per adult and $24.99 per child.

There are also Ramadan meal boxes available daily starting at $10.99 for the classic and ranging to $21.99 for the premium.

Finally, a Sehri special menu is being offered as well featuring a variety of dishes, including Cheese Omelette, Egg Fry, Nihari, Tawa Qeema, Lahori Channa, Lachha Paratha, Tea (Karak), and Lassi.

Where: Karahi Point, 60 Overlea Blvd & 2201 Finch Ave W

Village Taste

There are two Iftar menus to pick from at Village Taste, one during the week and one during the weekend.

The first Iftar buffet runs from Monday – Thursday costing $26.99 for adults and $13.99 for children ages 4-11.

The weekend buffet runs from Friday – Sunday (and holiday Monday) costing $33.99 for adults and $16.99 for children ages 4-11.

Enjoy dishes such as Butter Chicken, Chicken Biryani, Beef Keema and Veal Karahi just to name a few.

Where: Village Taste, 4141 Dixie Rd

Karachi Xpress 

Another Iftar buffet to enjoy this Ramadan is at Karachi Xpress. Tuesday – Thursday pricing costs $34.99 for adults and $24.99 for kids, with the weekend buffet running Friday – Sunday priced at $38.99 for adults and $26.99 for kids.

Dishes such as Chana Chaat, Chicken Behari Tikka Legs, Chicken Boti and Fresh Tandoor Naan will be served!

Where: Karachi Xpress, Unit 1 133 The Westmall & 69 Lebovic Ave

Havelly Grill


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Indulge in the flavours of Ramadan at Havelly Grill! This special buffet features over 20 delectable items. On weekdays the buffet will run for $30 per person and on weekends $35 per person.

Where: Havelly Grill, 3120 Dixie Rd

Ramadan Kareem, Toronto!