The latest venture by famed food personality Matty Matheson is about to open its doors in Toronto. The new restaurant is called Prime Seafood Palace and it’s been years in the making.

Matheson posted a preview of the restaurant’s soft launch on Thursday and according to one of his guests, Vanessa Marigold, it’s set to open to the public on May 25.

Marigold also posted a sneak peek of the menu, which features a variety of meat, fish, and vegetable dishes, as well as mouthwatering appetizers like lobster and ricotta dumplings and molasses bread with kippered mussels.

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According to an Instagram post by Prime Seafood Palace, Matheson started planning the restaurant’s interior “years ago,” and the finished product is a testament to his dedication.

A New York Times article describes the restaurant as an “airy wood cathedral,” that gives you “the feeling of being nestled inside an ark.”

The article says that the curved wood accents are locally-sourced white maple and that the tables contain hidden drawers with steak knives in them.

Matheson told the Times that the restaurant is a “juxtaposition in what people perceive me as versus what they’re going to walk into.”

“I’m 40 now, and Prime Seafood Palace is a very mature, beautiful, thoughtful restaurant,” he said.

Prime Seafood Palace serves Atlantic seafood and sources its beef from Ontario farms, including Matheson’s own local farm, the Times reports.

It seems like Matheson is always plotting one culinary project after another. The chef recently unveiled his “best burger ever” creation at A&W.

Matheson also owns several restaurants in the city including the ever-popular Matty’s Pattys and Maker Pizza (which pizza critic Dave Portnoy wasn’t too impressed with.)

Anything with Matheson’s name on it is a must-try, if you ask us, and it looks like we don’t have much longer to wait until we can check this place out.


Where: 944 Queen St West