Boujee on a budget! Porter Airlines is taking your economy experience to another level. The Canadian airline is introducing some new upgrades so the next time you fly with Porter, you’ll be able to use free wi-fi, enjoy fresh meals, and in-flight entertainment, among many new additions.

Now that’s a way to bid farewell to 2022! Porter Airlines is heading into 2023 with a handful of upgrades as they expand to more destinations across North America –  on its new environmentally-friendly jets, E195-E2, of course. The airline shared the announcement on Tuesday, highlighting the new changes including two new fare experiences.

Along with its complimentary beer and wine, premium snacks, and no middle seats on all flights, there will be free, fast WiFi with full web access, and in-flight entertainment right to your device. On flights that are over 2.5 hours, fresh meals, made with real food are also available. And don’t worry, for those longer flights, Porter’s current two-by-two cabin seating is also coming to longer-haul jet travel, according to the airline.

But that’s not all! Porter is updating its traditional economy experience to now be referred to as PorterClassic and introducing a new, all-inclusive economy experience called PorterReserve. Here’s a breakdown:

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First-class experience but at a lower cost. The PorterReserve fare includes “dedicated airport check-in, early boarding, enhanced legroom, fresh meals on longer flights, Porter’s signature beer, wine, and premium snacks, cocktails, two checked bags, and the ability to change flights without a fee.” This fare option will be available on every flight and when flying on the new E195-E2 plane, the first four rows of the cabin offers 36 inches of space similar to business class legroom. According to the airline, on Porter’s Dash 8-400 fleet, PorterReserve will be in the first two rows with 32 inches of seat pitch.


Their economy experience is now called PorterClassic so you’ll still get all the perks like complimentary beer and wine served in glassware, premium snacks, and no middle seats on all planes. And there is also the option to add extras like more legroom, extra baggage, and travel flexibility. On the new E195-E2’s, passengers can also purchase one of 20 PorterStretch seats, offering a minimum of 34 inches of seat space.

According to Porter, the new aircraft will begin to deploy from Toronto Pearson International Airport, and Halifax, Montreal, and Ottawa over time.

Customers will be able to book these experiences in the coming days and see the first set of its new destinations. We’ll keep you updated when those routes drop.

This is just the beginning.