You may see a new $2 coin in your wallet pretty soon. In honour of the late Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Canadian Mint has issued a new toonie with a unique design feature.

The $2 circulation coin features a black outer ring to recognize her service to Canada during her historic 70-year reign.

The black shade is “reminiscent of a mourning armband, echoing the loss felt by millions of Canadians upon the passing of their queen,” says the Mint.

The $2 coin design features the traditional Brent Townsend polar bear design that we are used to, as well as the Susanna Blunt effigy of Her Late Majesty on the other side.

The black mourning ring appears on both sides of the coin.

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Photo via Royal Canadian Mint

Nearly five million of the new coins will begin circulating across the country later this month and “will begin appearing gradually as banks re-stock their $2 coin inventories.”

The solemn tribute is just one of the ways that Canada has recognized the life and legacy of the beloved monarch.

Canada has long recognized the Queen on its coins and banknotes.

According to the Mint “, four different images of Queen Elizabeth II have graced the obverse of all Canadian circulation coins since 1953.”

Her face on our toonies and $20 bills are a “constant presence in the lives of Canadians, who will forever remember her unwavering dedication to public service and deep affection for Canada.”

Be on the lookout for this distinctive toonie because you might just come across it pretty soon.