Oh, Christmas! The most joyous time of the year. Did you know that Canada is home to one of the best cities in the world for holiday spirit? Now you know! Out of 15 cities in the world, one Canadian name made the list and it’s not Toronto, Vancouver, or Montreal.

In the list by CNN Travel, the news organization listed 15 destinations across the world, from Finland to Mexico, that traditionally offer some of the best holiday vibes when on a Christmas getaway.

There are a few notable spots that made the list like New York City, San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, and Bath in England. Well, according to the list, this Canadian city deserved a spot among the rest.

You’ve guessed it, Quebec City!

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“A haven for environmentally friendly, outdoor enthusiasts, Quebec bustles with winter activity, offering holiday programs for all tastes,” states CNN. “Old Quebec is turned into a picturesque Christmas village. Sausage and roast chestnut lovers can browse the wares at the German Christmas market. The more religiously inclined can wander an exposition of nativity scenes from around the world.”

This may not come as much of a shock for some considering that just this week, Quebec City was ranked one of the best winter vacations in the world by U.S News & World Report, alongside Whistler, B.C.

And as for Canada as a country, it’s made a few lists in the past few weeks, like being voted one of the best places for outdoor lovers to travel in 2023. AND if you need any more of a reason to travel to the Great White North, Victoria, British Columbia was recently voted one of the best cities to travel to in 2023 thanks to its sustainability efforts and green impact, and stunning outdoor beauty.

For those looking for a little winter getaway but without outdoor activities, Toronto, ON; Vancouver, B.C; Montreal, QC were just voted most popular domestic travel destinations for Canadians right now.

Canada just keeps on winning!