Washington isn’t exactly known for being a Hollywood hotspot but it turns out that there are a few notable stars from our state. If you like to keep up with the stars then you might just want to test your knowledge. Here are 6 popular movie stars that you may not know are from Washington.

Madelaine Petsch


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Petsch is mostly known for her role as Cheryl Blossom on the hit TV show Riverdale. However, she’s also from Washington! She was born in Port Orchard in 1994 and also happens to sit within IMDb’s top 5,000 stars.

Dove Cameron

Now a lot of you might be asking who is Dove Cameron. Well for your younger generations she’s one of the stars in Disney’s Liv and Maddie. She also happens to have quite a large TikTok following and has made a move towards music. Bainbridge Island represent!

Sydney Sweeney


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Sweeney had a big year playing one of television’s most beloved and also hated characters. She is the star responsible for bringing Euphoria‘s Cassie to life. Not only that but she was born in Spokane in 1997 and sits at number 40 among IMDb’s biggest stars.

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Blair Underwood

Underwood is a bit of a renaissance man when it comes to his involvement in the entertainment industry. He’s an actor, producer, and director working in both film and theatre. He’s mostly known for roles in Sex and the City, Dear White People, and The Lion Guard.

Kyle MacLachlan


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MacLachlan is yet another toss-up. Longtime fans of Twin Peaks likely know that he was born in Yakima but not everyone has seen the hit TV series. That being said, you should probably watch it and some of his other roles in David Lynch films.

Rainn Wilson

Alright, this one is a toss-up because some know Wilson is from Seattle, and to some, it’s a huge surprise. The Office star is known for his role as Dwight and also for his hilarious skits in Tim & Eric. Rainn also has to be one of the most Seattle names possible.

Did you get them all? Or are you now extra proud to be a Washingtonian? Either way, let this be an excuse to catch up on your favorite films and shows from these movie stars from Washington. Enjoy!