If haunted houses and Victorian séances aren’t enough to scare you this Halloween, it looks like the cursed doll market is thriving on eBay. You can buy anything online these days, even toys that are supposedly haunted by real spirits, according to the sellers.

There’s a variety of haunted dolls for sale on eBay, both in the U.S. and Canada. Some are antique porcelain and others resemble voodoo dolls, and the descriptions of them are downright disturbing.

One listing for an Anne of Green Gables doll located in Windsor, Ontario even comes with a photo of her supposed spirit. “THIS IS NOT A JOKE,” the description says. “She is very active.” The seller claims that the doll was purchased at a garage sale 20 years ago and has moved positions on its own. The doll could be yours for a mere $60 plus shipping.

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Photo via eBay

This doll located in Vancouver is apparently in good physical condition, but “bad emotional condition.” “This doll has a spirit, and I no longer want it in my home,” reads the description. The seller is accepting bids on it starting at $15.70.

Another doll from Ontario named Karini has apparently been heard saying her name out loud and even moves objects sometimes. The seller has added a disclaimer that you may not witness the paranormal activity described, so don’t be disappointed if she behaves like the inanimate object that she is.

Not all of the haunted dolls are evil, though. This post claims that spirits are often misunderstood, but require attention and care as if you’re welcoming a new resident into your home. “Please don’t bid unless you are ready and able to commit,” it says.

Whether you believe in the metaphysical and want to test it for yourself or just want to freak your friends out the next time they come over, you’ve got all kinds of options.