We’re sure that all our readers obey the posted speed limit. But, just in case a friend of yours likes to treat the highway like a drag racing strip, Ontario has changed the rules about ‘stunt driving’ in the province. The changes are part of the ongoing “Moving Ontarians More Safely Act”, so let’s check ’em out!

What’s stunt driving, you ask? Good question. Basically, it’s like a much more serious speeding ticket, and is usually associated with betting, street racing, on simply performing a ‘stunt’. That last part is crucial, since it gives traffic officers leeway in dishing out punishment.

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Before the new rules went into effect, people could be charged with ‘stunt driving’ when going 50km/h over a posted speed limit under 80km/h (so, these changes don’t affect highway driving). Now, the new limit is 40km/h over. What’s more, the punishments have gotten harsher.

The new rules let officers suspend licenses for 30 days, and impound the vehicle for 2 weeks on the roadside. Then, those found guilty of ‘stunt driving’ will have their licenses suspended for 1-3 years depending on the severity of the offence. Manage to somehow get caught 4 times? You’ll get your Ontario license suspended for life.

According to CTV News, Toronto has seen a 90% increase in racing and/or stunt driving-related offences this year when compared to 2019. It’s a pretty crazy stat, so we’re happy that they’re going to be cracking down on it, as much as love watching fast cars whipping around.