Remember that Ontario couple who gave birth to their children on the side of the 407 then uploaded the entire thing to the Internet? Looks like their story’s got another development. No – there have been no more children born on the side of the road since we last discussed these two. At least no kids that we know about! Instead, Highway 407 has given the couple a sweet surprise.

Erika and Troy Campbell, the Pickering-based social media stars, will be travelling the 407 for FREE for the year, plus enjoying a gift certificate from the highway. In a Tweet put out by the 407 ETR, representatives from the highway write that the gift is a celebration of the new baby and a hopeful offset of the cost of car seats for her and her siblings. Awww!

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In case you missed the original video, let us tell you, it was quite something. What began as casual conversation, joking about potential names for the child, quickly turned into an all-out birth. The couple pulled over, called 911, and were walked through the process of bringing life into the world. It was really something, y’all.

The couple had been documenting the pregnancy on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, so the fact that they were filming at the time everything went down wasn’t all too surprising. Of course, the response to the video may have been. It’s been viewed over 600,000 times – with an outpour of overwhelming support echoing across the internet. It’s all very heartwarming stuff.

You’ll be happy to hear that baby Nova Marie Campbell is doing well. She was born on May 10th, 2021 at 8lbs 13oz. For more on this family’s journey, check them out @TheCampbellCloud across social channels.