Alright, friends – it’s about to go down (or up if you want to get technical!) Tomorrow morning we suggest pointing those peepers towards the sky because a rare, extremely photogenic super blood moon eclipse will be taking place just outside the earth’s atmosphere and it’ll definitely be worth waking up early for.

This wildly spacetastic phenomenon occurs when the moon orbits its closest to earth making it appear 7% larger, but that’s not where the excitement ends! Oh no. 

In addition to this, (as its spooky name would suggest) our neighbouring rock will also briefly appear a copper or red colour while it passes through the Earth’s umbral shadow, practically disappearing from plain sight.

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This is due to both the sunrise and sunset happening at once on either side of the globe and will only last for a VERY short time, but wow, will it be something to watch.

Although the eclipse will take about 2 full hours from start to finish, the moon will only glow scarlet for around 15 minutes (5:11 am MDT to 5:25 am MDT). That means Calgary and Edmonton folks can catch it at its peak at around 5:15 AM, Vancouverites at 4:15 AM,  and so on and so forth across the country.

For this reason, we suggest setting an alarm or, for those who aren’t willing to wake up that early just rewatching the live stream of the super blood moon eclipse (linked above) on YouTube.

After all, in the big cities most of us live in, what are the chances that we’ll get a clear evening? Fingers Crossed!