“These aren’t vegetarian.” “These taste nasty.” “These don’t resolve my specific concern.” If any of these have been your reason to avoid taking vitamins, you are in luck. Nature’s Bounty just introed a new vitamin, VitaBeans. And you’re in for a treat!

First things first— in case you didn’t know, Nature’s Bounty has been in the game of keeping us healthy for quite a while now. Their complete line of vitamins and supplements has been around for over 40 years, making it easy to give our body everything it needs to thrive in any environment.

And now, they’re not only making it easy but damn tasty (and shall we say fun?) with their newest addition to the fam: VitaBeans!

With a colourful crunchy exterior and a delicious & soft and chewy interior, taking our vitamins & supplements is quickly becoming our fave part of the day.

Nature's Bounty VitaBeans
Photo by Phillip Harris via Nature’s Bounty VitaBeans

As Julie-Anne McCallum, Senior Director of Marketing and Innovation at Nature’s Bounty put it, “We all know how important it is to make health a priority, and with our VitaBeans, you don’t have to sacrifice fun or delicious taste to do so.”

VitaBeans are vegetarian and gelatin free, and offer a wide range of benefits to add to your healthy and lifestyle routine. They’ve got something for all your needs, so just pick the one that suits you best-


No more counting sheep! These VitaBeans not only have a delicious mixed berry flavour, but are made with melatonin to help reset the body’s sleep-wake cycle and give you some restful slumber.

Nature's Bounty VitaBeans
Photos via Nature’s Bounty VitaBeans


Vitamin & supplement veterans might be used to a multi, but this one takes the prize. These juicy strawberry lemonade-flavoured beans get you your daily dose of essential vitamins like Zinc and Iodine to support good health.


Packed with antioxidants from Vitamin C, to Vitamin D, to Zinc, your immune system will help you for the extra boost. And they come in a scrumptious orange flavour.

Immune and Energy VitaBeans
Photos via Nature’s Bounty VitaBeans


Sometimes a cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it, it’s time to support your body’s energy metabolism with Vitamin B12 in a bean that tastes like sweet cherry!


Get glowing skin, beautiful hair and healthy nails with mixed berry or watermelon flavoured VitaBeans containing vitamins A, C and E, Biotin, and of course, Keratin.

HSN VitaBeans
Photo via Nature’s Bounty VitaBeans

And there you have it, folks. We really don’t have any excuses to not stay on top of our health now. Who would’ve thought fueling your body could be so yummy?

So when you’re ready to add some fun, joy, and colour to your daily health routine, click this link to get yourself some VitaBeans delivered right to your home. Thank us later!