YYC is known for many things, and eco-friendly initiatives? Apparently, that’s one of them! According to a new report, the city of Calgary made a recent list of cities with the most sustainable hotels in the world, along with its Alberta neighbour, Edmonton, which helped round out the top 5.

In the breakdown provided by Uswitch, a service that helps consumers save money by comparing services and products, the Stampede City was ranked 4th overall with 32 ‘green’ hotels and a sustainability percentage of 23.53% – succeeding only Vancouver which had a score of 43.82, Stockholm and Toronto.

These scores were determined based on Booking.com’s ‘Travel Sustainable‘ certification program which represents 32 ways to create a more eco-friendly stay for guests and included things like no stir sticks for coffee, renewable energy, LED lightbulbs and efficient water systems.

After they calculated how many hotels were certifiable, Uswitch then compared that number to the total hotels offered in each city – which was then given the percentage mentioned above.

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With this in mind, the following also landed a spot on the list of cities with the most sustainable hotels in the world:

Photo via Uswitch

“It’s brilliant to see that global awareness of the importance of living more sustainably is continually growing, and there are so many easy ways to reduce our impact on the planet – from using a green energy supplier to opting for more environmentally-friendly holidays,” said Uswitch energy expert, Will Owen in response to the report.

“Some of the incredible hotels in this list are great examples of how businesses can reduce waste, source local produce and reduce their energy consumption”

Of course, while we’ve still got a ways to go, we’d wholeheartedly consider this a win. Canada rocked it, and Calgary? We hope to see this particular percentage even higher next year.