Edmonton has long been a sleeper hit in the world of sustainable living, and that extends to our hotels as well! A new report has found that Edmonton has, by percentage, the 5th highest amount of sustainable hotels not just in Canada, but around the world. Here’s how it got there.

The list comes from the Uswitch, a comparison service that helps consumers make decisions about a wide variety of products and services. And in order to create it, they used the new ‘Travel Sustainable’ certification on Booking.com. Basically, the certification represents (currently) 32 different ways to create a sustainable stay for guests, ranging from smaller changes (no stir sticks for coffee, options to reuse towels) to systems-level approaches (using renewable energy for power, LED lightbulbs, and efficient water systems to name a few).

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Image via Uswitch

Basically, they figured out just how many hotels in have earned the ‘Travel Sustainable’ badge (30). Then, they compared that number against the total number of hotels available on the platform (133). And, at 22.5%, not only is Edmonton is 5th place globally, but we’re just a few percentage points away from Calgary and Toronto!

We’re definitely seeing this as a win, folks!