It looks like the City of Glass has earned another title- the City of Sustainability. According to a recent report, Vancouver has topped the list of cities with the most sustainable hotels in the world. There’s a little bit to break down here, so let’s check it out.

The list comes from the Uswitch, a comparison service that helps consumers make decisions about a wide variety of products and services. And in order to create it, they used the new ‘Travel Sustainable’ certification on Basically, the certification represents (currently) 32 different ways to create a sustainable stay for guests, ranging from smaller changes (no stir sticks for coffee, options to reuse towels) to systems-level approaches (using renewable energy for power, LED lightbulbs, and efficient water systems to name a few).

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Image via Uswitch

Then, they compared the number of hotels to have achieved the Travel Sustainable badge against the total number of hotels available on the platform. And, wouldn’t you know it, a whopping 39 of hotels in Vancouver have achieved the badge, compared to 89 in total. With just under 44% of the hotels in the city having the badge, we beat out some of the seemingly most progressive cities in the world, including Stockholm (40%) and Munich (17%).

What’s more, we’re beating them by a very solid amount. After Stockholm, the next highest-rated cities on the list (all of which are Canadian) drop under 25%. Toronto’s at 24.7%, Calgary’s at 23.5%, and Edmonton sits at 22.5%. So, in addition to Vancouver getting the crown for the most sustainable hotels in the world, Canada is also at the forefront on the national side of things.

We’re definitely seeing this as a win, folks!