There are multiple ways to visit MoPOP, from a good old ticket to the Seattle Public Library Museum Pass Program, and now online. The museum has created a digital vault to hold items that you might not get to see every day. So what are you waiting for? Let’s check it out!

MoPOP has several hundred objects from its collection on display at any one time, but there are actually more than 80,000 pieces under their care. These pieces range from clothing items to props to cars to instruments and much more. They have one of the world’s best and biggest collections of pop culture items.

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Now because there are so many pieces it’s nearly impossible to show them all at once. That’s why the digital vault is so cool. It’s a place where curious minds can explore the museum’s collection from home for free! Right now you can see a sampling of objects from the permanent collection that have been selected by curators and organized into content areas.

While that’s already quite cool, more objects and content areas will be added by Curatorial and Collections staff at a steady pace. In the end, the goal is to present the entire permanent collection to the public as an educational resource. If you’re ready to check it out you can head to the vault website. Enjoy!