Boy oh boy, this is just a whole bunch of good news strands rolled into one. Monarca Cocina Mexican is set to open in Gastown this week, and we can’t wait to go check it out. If you’re curious why, here are our reasons.

First off, Monarca is going to be the newest venture from Francisco Higareda, which some people might recognize as the person behind the acclaimed Ophelia restaurant in False Creek. Higareda is opting for a “playful, modern-yet-authentic” menu, which will feature everything from Adobo Chicken to grilled cabbage with aioli to, of course, some delicious tacos to try out.

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And while we’re sure the food is going to be delicious, we also can’t wait to see the space. That’s because Monarca is setting up in what was once one of the most aesthetically pleasing restaurants in the city- Coquille. Of course, expect a near-total transformation when it opens, with a focus on a vibrant (we might even say lush) interior to enjoy your meal in.

Last but certainly not least- we don’t even have to wait that long! This new concept is set to open its doors this Friday, April 8th. What’s more, you can already call to book a reservation. We might just have to do it ourselves, now that we think about it…

Monarca Cocina Mexicana

When: Slated to open Friday, April 8th
Where: 181 Carrall Street