Ahead of the warmer weather, we decided to round up the best hidden bars and speakeasies around Vancouver. After all, what’s more fun than capping off a night out with a memorable drink or two? From swanky spots to holes in the wall, you’ve got some serious options.

Here are the best hidden bars and speakeasies around Vancouver.

Cantina 189

Our first pick is also the most recent addition to the city! Coming from the folks behind Chupito, Cantina 189 is a, let’s say intimate, space that is accessed by walking through a hidden door in the OG La Taqueria location on Hastings. Inside, you’ll be treated to delicious drinks and snacks that are perfect for a nightcap (or two).

Where: 324 W Hastings Street


Since we mentioned it, we should probably also give a shoutout to Chupito, which we think is more than deserving of joining the best hidden bars in Vancouver. Access it through the alley behind La Taqueria (it’s above Cantina 189) and enjoy drinks and snacks on a sunny afternoon. One note though- this is a seasonal spot, so you gotta wait until later this spring to check it out.

Where: 322 W Hastings Street (accessed through the alley)



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What does ordering the “Number 7” get you at BLND TGER in Chinatown? Access to this swanky bar hidden by a very unassuming facade. Inside, you’ll find some amazing cocktails and small plates to enjoy, and an interior that could go up against anywhere.

Where: 251 E Georgia Street

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Key Party


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One of the few spots on this list that actually brands itself as a ‘speakeasy’, and for good reason. Beyond the run of the mill exterior, you’ll find a fun and eclectic spot inspired by the 60s and 70s, when actual ‘Key Parties’ were popular amongst swingers. Don’t worry though, it’s just a name here.

Where: 2305 Main Street

The Narrow Lounge


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The now-iconic spot from the same folks behind Key Party, The Narrow Lounge is an underground bar that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Maybe our top pick on this list for when you want something off the beaten path, but don’t want to dress up for it.

Where: 1898 Main Street

Guilt & Co.


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If live music is more your jam, then Guilt & Co. is the answer. Another underground bar (this time in Gastown) this spot is the perfect option for a night of eating, drinking, and listening to some of the city’s best artists perform on a weekly basis.

Where: 1 Alexander Street

Hidden Lounge


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Okay, back to the ‘bars within bars’ wave. Located in the D/6 Bar and Lounge, this space is hidden behind one of the many bookshelves, and offers access to a complete room to kick back in. Pair that with a rooftop patio in the main space, and it’s a great place to start in one area and finish off in the other.

Where: 39 Smithe Street

The Elk Room

Maybe the most well-known hidden bar on this list, not least because it’s inside The Diamond. Tucked away near the entrance, this cozy spot is a great way to kick back and enjoy some conversation, before getting a little more lively in the main room.

Where: 6 Powell Street

The Shameful Tiki Room

We know, we know… The Shameful Tiki has become anything but a secret over the years, but we can’t help but include it. Maybe it’s the unassuming exterior, maybe it’s the incredible interior, maybe it’s the amazing tiki drinks. Whatever the reason, it’s the first place we go when we want a break from the usual fare.

Where: 4362 Main Street

And, those are our picks for the best hidden bars and speakeasies around Vancouver! Now, you’ve got options for the next time you feel like a swanky (or just plain fun) night out would be the perfect move.