It’s no secret that Vancouver is a rising star when it comes to its increasing number of Michelin-approved restaurants. And if you’re looking for an excuse to make a reso at a new culinary hotspot, you’ve got it, because the MICHELIN Guide Vancouver 2023 is officially out.

Michelin inspectors work year-round to uncover the best restaurants in each city, and these newly recommended spots only show just how full-to-the-brim our city is with options.

“The famously anonymous MICHELIN Guide inspectors once again were impressed with the culinary community here,” said Gwendal Poullennec, the International Director of the MICHELIN Guides. “This sort of steady growth is what we often see in second-year selections, and it is definitely a harbinger of great things to come. We are very proud of the passionate chefs and restaurant teams here in Vancouver, and they make their city very proud.”

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A new One Star restaurant

Joining the eight One Star restaurants recognized last year is Okeya Kyujiro – a beloved Japanese restaurant known for its hyper-seasonal menu and theatrical omakase experience.

In a nutshell, guests are treated to a meal in a candle-lit room, served by hosts dressed in traditional Japanese clothing. You’ll know it’s time to sit down when the “clock strikes the precise minute of your seating,” and a black curtain is “raised ceremoniously” to mark the beginning of your meal.


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Bib Gourmands & Special Awards

In terms of new Bib Gourmands, the MICHELIN Guide adds five new restaurants to its tasty roster: Farmer’s Apprentice, Karma Indian Bistro, Motonobu Udon, Seaport City Seafood and Sushi Hil.

Seaport City Seafood was just recognized last month for its blend of ‘traditional meets contemporary’ Chinese fare, and now, it holds an official Bib Gourmand title. So if you’re craving authentic dim sum or black truffle fried rice, you know where to look.

As its name suggests, Farmer’s Apprentice is a farm-to-table spot known for its contemporary dishes inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

Karma Indian Bistro is a must-visit on West 4th if you’re on the way home and craving Indian fare. The menu is full of delicious soups, pakoras, curries, and rice dishes for all dietary preferences.

Motonobu Udon and Sushi Hil are both fantastic options for Japanese, with Motonobu focusing on homemade udon bowls and the newly-opened Sushi Hil celebrated for its seasonal sushi and seafood dishes.

Finally, we come to this year’s Special Awards, which are listed below:

  • Michelin Exceptional Cocktails Award – Max Curzon-Price, Suyo
  • Michelin Sommelier Award – Kelcie Jones, Burdock and Co
  • Michelin Outstanding Service Award – Front-of-House team at Okeya Kyujiro
  • Michelin Young Chef Award – Chef Warren Chow, Wildlight Kitchen + Bar

Overall, the full 2023 selection in Vancouver includes 77 restaurants and 21 types of cuisine, according to the MICHELIN Guide.

So there you have it, Vancouver! Time to make some resos sooner rather than later.