If you were up late on Wednesday night, you might have seen a flash light up the Seattle night sky. No it wasn’t aliens or anything malicious, rather it was a massive meteor flying through our atmosphere. Seattleites happened to get some pretty great footage so let’s check it out and see why it might not be the last.

Around 10:15 pm on Wednesday evening, Seattleites saw a brilliant light in the sky. The National Weather Service confirmed that it was indeed a meteor.

This home security footage got a great video of just how big and bright the explosion was.

Here’s another view and angle for you to enjoy.

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Right now also happens to be the middle of the Orionid meteor shower, one of the best of the year. This shower’s meteors are known for their “brightness and for their speed.” The meteors travel into Earth’s atmosphere at about 148,000 mph according to NASA.

While there has been no official confirmation that this meteor was part of Orionid, the meteor shower is expected to peak on October 21st and runs until November 22nd. You can just try to look up at home, but also, there are plenty of great spots to watch meteors and stars in Seattle if you’re hoping to catch a glimpse for yourself.

Keep your eyes peeled for more meteors!