We’ve all gotten pretty used to Seattle’s outdoor street dining scene at this point. It can be hard to remember that it wasn’t really a thing pre-pandemic and also that it’s technically temporary. Now if you happen to be a big fan of it, you should make your voice heard because the city is gathering feedback on its Safe Starts program to see if they should make outdoor street dining permanent.

If you’re unfamiliar with the program it’s what has allowed Seattle restaurants to quickly open all sorts of outdoor dining spots throughout the pandemic. The program’s intention was to help restaurants gain more revenue after months of take-out-only service. But these days it’s a preferred way of dining for many Seattlites. After all, there’s nothing quite like dining out in the open.

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Now here’s where you come in. The city has actually been gathering feedback on the Safe Starts program for months but the feedback period ends this upcoming Sunday, August 15th. Whether you’re a customer, restaurant owner, neighbor, or simply have something to say, the city wants to hear it. In their eyes, the more input, the better

For the time being, all Safe Starts permits expire at the end of May 2022. But if the city gets enough positive feedback, outdoor street dining in Seattle could be here to stay for good. If you’d like to give your feedback or learn more you can click here to check out the survey.