Love long walks on the beach? Well, Washington is the place to be because our state is actually home to the longest contiguous beach in the US. So what are you waiting for? Kick off your shoes, grab a towel, and get ready to learn all about one of Washington’s natural wonders.

Can you guess the name of the beach? It’s appropriately part of the Long Beach Peninsula but before it was given such a literal name, the area’s main city was actually called “Tinkerville.” That’s because¬†the city was founded in 1880 by a man named H.H. Tinker. What a name.

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While Tinkerville may be a little more fun, the literal name makes the most sense. The sand stretches for 28 miles and is home to a scenic boardwalk, multiple shipwrecks, and kite flying among other beautiful sights.

What’s more, the area is renowned for its abundance of seafood. Here you’ll find the largest salmon run in the world, as well as razor clams, and plenty of fish like halibut, cod, sardines, and more. Of course, there are also tons of Oysters, more specifically, Willapa Bay oysters which make up half the oysters harvested in the State of Washington.

Long Beach is a great place to visit for its charming seaside ambiance, the abundance of sand to explore, wildlife to be seen and so much more.

All information on the Long Beach Peninsula is from the City of Long Beach and is accurate as of publication date.