From butterfly clips, and movies to music, Tamagotchi’s, and Sky Dancers, the millennial golden era is something that we all remember fondly. Heck, even big corporations like Hasbro reminisce from time to time. In fact, the toy company is so enamored with the generation that they’ve developed and released a 90s edition Play-Doh set for adults that will unlock a nostalgic chest of treasured sights, sounds, and smells from your childhood.

With vibrant colors and familiar packaging, this iconic gift set is meant to make you feel like a kid again – taking you way back to a time when Juicy Couture was all the rage and Britney and Justin were the IT couple.

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With 6 old school scents including Eau De Boy Band, Dial-Up Delight, Mall Food Court, Flannel Fresh, Pump Up The Jams, and our personal favorite – VHS rental and Chill, the sweet smell of Blockbuster, Sbarro pizza, and cheap cologne will finally be non-toxic and delightfully squishy.

To purchase a set, either for a friend or for yourself (we wouldn’t judge) you can either visit the Hasbro website to find a store near you or – where it retails for $21. Enjoy!