This might be one of our province’s best hidden gems — literally! Egan Chutes Provincial Park is home to three cascading waterfalls and a variety of beautiful minerals.

The nature reserve is located about 15 kilometres east of Bancroft and the wildlife is incredibly diverse.

This is a non-operating park and it protects a section of the York River.

A natural V-shape in the rocks creates a “chute” through this part of the river, says an article by Bancroft’s tourism website.

According to Ontario Parks, a bend of the York River has become a wetland with an adjacent sand flat, where poplar, white birch, ash, buffaloberry, and purple flowering raspberry grow.

Within the reserve, there are three picturesque waterfalls, and you’ll have to walk along a short unmaintained road to see them.

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This walk takes around 10 to 20 minutes in total, but there is a more challenging 8-kilometre hike you can do at this park that takes about two hours to complete.

There’s no swimming allowed at these waterfalls, and visitors are asked to use caution as there are no guard rails around the falls.

Gem enthusiasts may notice several minerals on the grounds of the park, including nepheline, sodalite, biotite, zircon, and blue corundum.

It’s worth noting that mineral collecting is prohibited. These minerals are meant to stay as they are in their natural environment.

However, there are places in Ontario where you can dig for your own gems, including this amethyst mine in northern Ontario.

There is much to see at this peaceful park, and if you ask us, it’s totally worth adding to your list this summer.

Egan Chutes Provincial Park

Where: 487 Detlor Road, L’Amable