Nature lovers, you’re going to love this spot. Presqu’ile Provincial Park is a peaceful haven of trails and beaches just 90 minutes east of Toronto.

The park is located on the shores of Lake Ontario, but you’d never know it from the shimmering sapphire hues of the water.

Presqu’ile is a landform known as a tombolo.

According to Ontario Parks, a tombolo is formed “when an island is connected to the mainland by a sandbar.”

As a result of its geography, the entire park is lined with peaceful paths and sandy beaches along the shore.

There are also plenty of woodland trails through the beech-maple forests, with several lookout points to soak up the views.

Also located at this park is a fascinating 1-km boardwalk trail through lush marshland.

It is the largest protected marsh on the north shore of Lake Ontario and the vast landscape is truly breathtaking, especially from the wooden lookout towers.

The biodiversity consists of 338 bird species that migrate through the park in the spring and fall.

In fact, the spring bird migration is described by Ontario Parks as “world-class.”

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To protect these migrating bird populations, dogs are not allowed on the beaches and must be leashed on the trails.

There are over 300 car camping sites in a variety of settings from shoreline to forest.

So, even though you can easily do it as a day trip from Toronto, there are plenty of overnight options as well.

Presqu’ile Provincial Park is also home to the second oldest operating lighthouse in Ontario, and you can hike to it.

And as an added bonus, Prince Edward County is just 45 minutes down the road.

How about a glass of local wine to unwind from a day of hiking? Yep, we know that seals the deal!

Presqu’ile Provincial Park

Where: 328 Presqu’Ile Parkway, Brighton