The TV-famous storefront in Toronto’s Moss Park neighbourhood may soon be a relic of the city’s past. The real-life Kim’s Convenience is up for sale and according to the realtor Gregory Stavropoulos, the new owner may decide to tear it down and build something new in its place.

Despite being a tourist destination and the backdrop of one of Canada’s most beloved series, Stavropoulos told Curiocity in a phone interview that because the area surrounding the convenience store is being completely revitalized, whoever snaps it up may have other plans for the property.

Both the store itself and the three-bedroom unit on the second floor are up for sale for nearly $4 million. It’s been on the market for close to five months which Stavropoulos said is not uncommon for commercial units because of all the planning involved.

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He predicts that it will sell by the spring and says that there are several buyers from around the world who are interested in owning Kim’s Convenience especially because of its fame.

Stavropoulos said that to this day, tourists and fans of the show visit the store daily to take photos. The current owner is a well-known fixture in the community but plans to sell and start a new chapter.

Without a new owner in the picture, it’s too early to know what the future has in store for Kim’s Convenience. The show itself was unexpectedly cancelled and fans tried desperately to save it, sadly to no avail.

If the show’s creators decide to reboot the series someday, it looks like they may not have the original Kim’s Convenience to return to.