Great news, adventure lovers! Compass Heli Tours is hosting a major summer bucket list experience this season – a kayak tour of BC’s beautiful glacial waters. Best of all? You’ll get to learn about various areas directly from the experts themselves in the ultimate outdoor classroom.

Compass Heli Tours teaches visitors kayaking and packrafting techniques, natural history and geography, conservation ethics, and various rescue-related skills. There are a couple of options when it comes to the kayaking courses and experiences, so let’s get into it.

Meltwater kayaking

Every summer, glacial lakes begin to melt along the shoreline, revealing the stunning blue water we can’t get enough of. Meltwater can sometimes appear river-like, but don’t be fooled – the seasonal blue waters are actually perfectly still, and perfect for kayaking through. Fair warning, though, meltwater is very weather dependent, so prepare yourself for some potentially slushy waters if there is continued snowfall.

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Alpine and glacial water kayaking

If ice conditions aren’t as favourable at the glacier lakes, Compass Heli Tours will switch classrooms and host the course at an alpine lake, like Garibaldi. Navigate the gorgeous turquoise water with your paddle through the areas that were completely frozen over a few months ago! Along the shoreline, visitors can see wildflowers and greenery popping up – making it an ideal spot to take in the beautiful scenery.


The introduction course to glacial kayaking has available dates in July and August at 9 am and 3 pm. While tickets aren’t exactly cheap at $1,750 a head, we think a stunning tour of BC’s beautiful glacial waters is well worth it. Your ticket includes the following:

  • 60-70 minute round-trip flight from Compass Heli Tours
  • Kayaks and packrafts
  • Paddle Canada Instructor
  • 4 hours on-location for an introductory course
  • Trip photos
  • A gourmet boxed lunch or mini charcuterie from Lepp Farm Market

If you’re interested in a similar glacial kayaking experience in BC, be sure to check out Glacial Paddles on Vancouver Island.

Get ready for a summer to remember, Vancouver! Get outdoors and try something new this season. Be sure to check out Compass Heli’s guide on what to bring before you book your experience.

Introduction to Glacial Kayaking

When: 21 Days per calendar year per location, starting Friday, July 15th and ending on Friday, September 30th
Where: Various
Cost: $1,750+