The most ruthless dining experience is coming to Toronto this spring. Karen’s Diner is coming to Canada on a world tour and they’re leaving their manners at the door.

Burgers, fries, and a side of rude customer service, Karen’s Diner is taking over a St. Clair West restaurant starting this Saturday, April 22nd as part of a pop-up dining experience.

You may already be familiar with what Karen’s Diner is all about but if you’re new here, the concept is pretty straightforward.

Customers who stop by to eat at Karen’s Diner are met with straight-up disrespect from the staff, who are eager to make your dining experience as terrible as possible. Fun!

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Based on the stereotypical “Karen,” servers, and hosts will make you wish you ordered takeout instead.

Don’t fall victim to all the sass, and ‘tude because if you do, they’ll bring out “their full Karen potential.”

It’s important to note that these are actors/actresses playing a role so don’t take it too far with the insults – it’s all in good Karen fun. If you need a reminder, here are some house rules.

“As Karen’s Diner goes, the food is great, the service ungrateful but your experience will be unforgettable,” shares the diner.

“Don’t expect special treatment at this diner because it’s all about Karen, and she won’t be taking any of your nonsense!”

karen's diner
Photo via Karen’s Diner

Now that you have a grasp of the concept, it’s time to look at the food.

In order to dine here, you must purchase a ticket. Each one includes a burger, fries, and soda. If you have dietary restrictions, they will be accommodated.

And one last thing — kids 16 and younger are allowed to dine here, but before 5:00 PM – after that, forget about it.

“If y’all show up in force we’ll either come as a longer-term pop-up or simply just stay put for a while until we’ve insulted EVERYONE in Toronto,” says the diner.

So get ready, especially if you’re name is ACTUALLY Karen. According to their official website, you could get a FREE drink if you’re willing to show them your ID.

See you there!

Karen’s Diner Toronto

When: April 22nd to April 30th, 2023
Where: Shoeless Joe’s, 1980 Saint Clair Avenue West