Our week of warm weather is allowing cherry blossoms in Toronto to bloom way ahead of schedule.

Local expert Steven Joniak, a.k.a. Sakura Steve, says that the peak bloom could begin as early as this Thursday.

“The hot weather has greatly accelerated the blossom bud development into late Stages 4 and 5,” said Sakura Steve in his latest update.

“This means the bloom will be even earlier than I last predicted by a few days.”

Last week, the expert predicted that the bloom would begin earlier than normal this year, between April 23rd and 30th.

However, thanks to the record-breaking heat that our city experienced in recent days, the trees will bloom even sooner.

“As the weather continues to provide favourable conditions, we can expect to see the bloom move up a few days to be between [April 20th and 28th].”

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Yep, you read that right! All signs point to us enjoying canopies of cherry blossoms in Toronto this week.

According to Joniak, some of the blossoms have already begun to open, so you can already get an early glimpse of the beauty.

Those who are extra eager to see the sakura trees in bloom can head to the University of Toronto campus outside of Robarts Library.

According to Joniak, “the cherry blossoms near [U of T] Robarts Library downtown tend to be the first to bloom in the city, and when they do, High Park will follow within 2-3 days.”

Based on the updated timeline, that means these trees should already be blooming.

The most beautiful time of year in our city is just beginning, and we can’t wait!