Let’s be real. 2020 has been rough. Ever since the clock struck midnight on January 1st, the entire world has really been going through it. Remember when there were those massive wildfires in Australia? Or the threat of World War 3 ’cause of the United States and some serious disagreements?. Oof, feels like a lifetime ago. But that’s how we started the year. And, of course, you all know what came next…

So it seems Canadians are far from immune to the doom and gloom that 2020 has brought. A new opinion poll by Leger and the Association for Canadian Studies has just released some stunning results. In fact, 50% of participants checked “yes” in response to the question: “Up until now, is 2020 the worst year you’ve ever lived?” Can we really blame ’em?

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Once the pandemic took over, folks were forced into isolation, many lost their jobs, and overall there’s been a lot of uncertainty surrounding what the future holds. So yeah, not exactly sunshine and rainbows over here. And that uncertainty, along with the death of a loved one and personal problems, has been cited as the reason for the negative feelings about this year.

Now the level of disdain varies by province. Ontario’s feeling the worst about this year, with 54% of respondents checking “yes” to that question we mentioned earlier. And B.C. and Quebec are the most optimistic, with only 46% calling 2020 the worst. All the other provinces fall somewhere in the middle.

So what do you think? Is 2020 really The Worst™️? Or can you think of a time that was even more unpleasant than the horrors we’ve seen this year? Let us know in the comments.