Canada’s voluntary COVID exposure app is now up and running (VIDEO)


COVID-19 Alert

In the latest on the fight against the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the Canadian government has just released a brand new app for tracking the spread of the virus. The “COVID-19 Alert” app was created with the goal of slowing the spread of coronavirus by alerting users to nearby cases. The app has just made its debut in Ontario for testing. And if all goes well, it’ll be available across the country shortly.

Now, it’s important to note that the app is for notifying users of close exposureWhich should not be confused with contact tracing. Since this app does not collect personal data, it won’t be able to tell you exactly who near you has tested positive. That being said, it will be able to give you more general areas of places that may have been infected. Which would provide a good indication of whether you should get tested (even if you’re asymptomatic) or not.

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So the biggest concern that most folks have had is one surrounding privacy. This is why the government has made it super clear that collecting private info is not the app’s goal. When you download “COVID-19 Alert” they’ll give you a more in-depth rundown of exactly how it all works. But essentially, users will input themselves if they test positive. The service does not use location data, but instead a system of randomized codes that bounce off of nearby phones to compile the necessary info.

So if you want to be on top of tracking potential COVID-19 exposure in your area, we recommend trying out this app. And if you have hesitations, thoughts, or concerns let us know in the comments! We’d love to hear what everyone thinks of this new piece of technology.

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