Aching for a vacay? Portugal says it’s safe & open for Canadians

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portugal wants canadians

Desperate for a little travel these days? We get it. After months of being stuck inside quarantining, we all could use a little escape. And although the Canadian government does not recommend getting on a plane just yet, and your safest bet is always going to be staying home during a pandemic, there is one destination that is boasting health and safety these days – Portugal!

In fact, the European country has specifically reached out to Canadians for hopeful tourists to the area. Visit Portugal’s Director for Canada, William Delgado, recently stated that “Portugal has been very successful in keeping COVID-19 at bay.”

And the country has even received its Clean and Safe certification. This is a government-issued doc that ensures that hotels, attractions, restaurants, and other tourist locations are kept as clean as possible and following safety regulations. Basically that they’re operating with prime social distancing practices in place.

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If you do decide to make the journey to Portugal, you can expect some seriously gorgeous sights. They’ve got beautiful architecture, nature, and beaches to explore. Plus, the cuisine of the country is seriously delicious. Of course, while you’re there you’ll have to follow loads of social distancing regulations. But for the most part, they’re the same as Canadian rules, so it shouldn’t be too big of an adjustment.

So if you just can’t stand staying in one spot anymore, this might be the place to get out some of the wanderlust. Of course, we’ve gotta say it again: staying home is the safest option these days. But if you’ve gotta go somewhere, Portugal’s looking like an alright choice.

Stay healthy, everyone!