Looking to enjoy an unforgettable hike before winter? Try High Rock Lookout, it’s a short but challenging hike with rewarding and unforgettable views at the top. Here’s what to know about the hike.

High Rock Lookout is a 3.2 mile roundtrip hike that gives you 1,365 feet of elevation gain with a peak height of 5,685 feet!

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high rock lookout
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On a clear day, the exposed summit gives hikers amazing 360 view and even down if you’re brave enough to look. (Keep in mind that the fire lookout cabin is now actually a platform instead of the original cabin as shown in the photo above.)

Hikers follow Sawtooth Ridge 1.6 miles to the summit on a trail that is moderately steep but short. There is no water on this trail so be sure to bring your own!

When you get to the top, you’ll be able to see Mount Rainier to the northeast, and Cora Lake, over 1800 feet below you. To the west, you can see rocky cliffs and a sea of trees below.

It’s important to note that High Rock really lives up to its name and there are no cables or fencing measures to protect you from the vertical drops when on the rock. The drop is as high as 600 feet on the north side, so stay safe and stick to the wraparound deck when taking in the view.

High Rock

Where: South Cascades

Information on High Rock is from the Washington Trails Association and is accurate as of publication date.