It’s been quite the year for the Seattle Kraken, from completing a state-of-the-art arena to finalizing a team roster, there’s been a lot of change. While the team has gone through periods of lots of news and no news, it can be hard to keep up with exactly what’s happened. So we thought now would be a great time to check out the arena and just what fans can expect this coming season.

Let’s start with the arena, is it done? When can you visit it? According to an update on Climate Pledge Arena’s website, as of August 13th, the arena’s suites were nearing completion. And the good news about that is that it means the arena is on track for its October 2021 opening. Just in time for scheduled concerts by artists like Eric Church, Andrea Bocelli, and The Eagles.

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Of course, you’ll also be able to watch the team on the ice on October 23rd as they play against the Vancouver Canucks. Now we will say keep in mind that Washington’s COVID-19 cases are rising again so live events are subject to change. That being said, the good news here is that we actually have an arena now. And for future events, the arena size means that 17,100 NHL fans can watch games, 18,100 basketball fans can watch games and 17,200 concert-goers can rock out.

Earlier this year we wrote about the arena’s restaurant partners and most recently the arena announced a partnership with Jack Daniels Whiskey. This means you can expect a diverse lineup of eats and drinks whether you’re watching a game or tuning into a concert. Now you should also know about the Kraken Community Ice Plex.

If you’ve yet to hear about this building, it’s the facility that’s being constructed at Northgate. When it’s open in fall 2021 it will be the team’s training facility and also a space where the public can skate. Not only will you be able to enjoy drop-in skating but there will also be classes for hockey players of all levels and ages. Not to mention, figure skating as well. So if you’ve always wanted to hit the ice, here’s your chance.

October is just over a month away so all of this will be open and available to you before you know it. You can learn more about the Seattle Kraken here, Climate Pledge Arena here, and the Kraken Community Iceplex here.