Happy Friday, folks! Maybe it’s just us, but we’re feeling more and more energized with each week that passes. Maybe it’s summer creeping up, or maybe it’s regions across the country starting to safely reopen. Either way, we’ve got the cherry on top, with a roundup of good news stories we stumbled across this week. Ready for a little extra boost for the weekend? So are we!

Here are some good news stories from around Canada this week.

MuchMusic is coming back to Canada

It was a big week for 2000s nostalgia. First up, Bell Media has announced that it’s bringing back MuchMusic, along with a ton of shows that made it popular in the first place. The real twist, though, is that it’s only coming back on TikTok. They’re after the next wave of teens, we can feel it!

And so is Simon Cowell

Yup, after a nine-year hiatus, Canada’s Got Talent (and Simon Cowell) have announced they’re coming back. The series is set to return in 2022, and will showcase amazing acts from around the country. Also, ever since those infamous images of him on a certain red carpet, it’s way harder to take his feedback seriously. Sorry Simon, but your smile is downright uncanny valley these days.

You can now drink a beer that came from the Stanley Cup

Nope, that’s not false advertising. This week, Molson Canadian unveiled a special edition batch of beer that literally included the Stanley Cup in the brewing process. If you ever wondered what taking a sip from Lord Stanley is like, this is about as close as you can get.

Canada will let American teams fly in for the NHL playoffs

While we had our own favourites this year, we’ll admit that Montreal fans actually being able to watch their team play is good news for them. Plus, there’s no doubt it’ll make the games more interesting on TV. Teams will fly in and out via private planes, and will adhere to modified quarantine rules for the games.

And it hinted at reopening borders for the general public

Speaking of travel- as we and our neighbours to the south continue to truck along the vaccination road, it’s nice to know that real roads could reopen as a result. This week, federal government members said they were currently working on a reopening plan for our borders. Things will take a while to set up, but it’s nice to know it’s in the pipeline!

Alright folks, that’s our roundup of good news stories from around Canada this week! We hope that this lifts your mood heading into the weekend.