If you grew up in the 90s or early 2000s, chances are you grew up watching MuchMusic. As one of the most influential pop-culture brands, Much was known for its hit programming like Video On Trial, Much on Demand, RapCity, and more. If you wanted to know which music videos you had to be watching and which songs you had to be listening to, MuchMusic was the place to turn.

So, the news that the brand is returning through a new partnership with TikTok, unsurprisingly, has people pretty excited. The announcement came in a press release yesterday from Bell Media, confirming the relaunch of several of the brand’s best shows.

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Beginning July 7th, folks will be able to scroll their way through a lineup of cult classics, presented by a new generation of Much personalities. The series that are returning include Video On Trial, Intimate and Interactive, and MuchMusic Spotlight. Plus, a whole host of brand new content, live performances, and more.

Given how quickly viral TikTok songs tend to become chart-toppers, the partnership really makes perfect sense. In many ways, the platform is already the closest thing this generation has to what MuchMusic once was. Now, they’ll get the joy of experiencing both!

So, if you haven’t succumbed to the pull of a TikTok addiction yet, this new stream of content is sure to push you over the edge. We’ll be counting down the days till we can scroll new MuchMusic content until our thumbs fall off.