With Halloween just around the corner, we’re starting to realize that we need to find a costume for this weekend in Vancouver. Luckily, this city has got some great options ranging from topical to quirky, and we’ve rounded them up for you! Let’s see what’s out there.

Here are some spots to find a last-minute Halloween costume in Vancouver.

Dressew Supply


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The absolute classic spot for a Halloween costume in the city, bar none. While Dressew is known for, you guessed it, bulk fabrics and sewing supplies, they’ve also got a huge selection of readymade costumes and Halloween digs. Buy something new, or go full custom and build your own!

Where: 337 W Hastings Street

Merchant of Dream

Located in the heart of downtown, this costume store boasts over 5,000 different costumes and accessories. This is a great spot to find a costume you’ll be using more than once, since the prices here are not exactly ‘found this at a thrift store’ level.

Where: 804 Granville Street

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Value Village


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Speaking of thrift stores, why not toss one in there! Value Village has long be a go-to for finding a Halloween costume in Vancouver, and for good reason. You can build your own using whatever random outfits you find in there, or you can opt for readymade options that most stores carry around Halloween.

Where: Locations around Vancouver

Mintage Mall

Shifting from thrift and into vintage, we’re heading to Mintage Mall. This huge space is a combination of multiple vendors, ranging from punk to western to even vintage costumes from days gone by! Whether it’s a specific look you’re after or a unique design, this is a great place to start off.

Where: 245 E Broadway

Venus & Mars Clothing

Back to some upscale options. For those seeking a costume that’s more Bridgerton than Squid Game, Venus & Mars has you covered. This local favourite specializes in handmade clothing that can be worn anytime of the year, but absolutely shines during the fall and Halloween.

Where: 223 W Broadway #105

And there you have it! Five amazing spots to find a Halloween costume in Vancouver that don’t rhyme with ‘visit fall for green’. Check them out if you need one for this weekend!