We’re heading into a new week, which means the Sunday scaries are here and they’re real. To mitigate this a tad, we’ve got a roundup of some good news stories from the past week.

So, let’s get into it.

Vancouver was dazzled by a beautiful double rainbow

Okay, we’re not going to quote that viral video, but we want to. Social media was awash with pictures of the double rainbow that appeared over the city. And, right at sundown, it seems as well. The golden hour plus a double rainbow? That equals some beautiful photos that you need to check out.

The USA is back open for travellers

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but international travelers from Canada and beyond will finally be allowed to fly into the US once again beginning November 8th. But, as with most things these days, there are some new travel rules for the US you need to know before heading to our neighbours to the south.

Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver were listed as the top Canadian cities for remote work

With the new reality that we’re all living in, remote work seems to be more and more par for the course. And, according to a ranking by WorkMotion, Canada’s most populous cities are ideal places for working out-of-office. And heck, it makes sense! They are the biggest cities in the country.

A Toronto family was reunited with their dog after a weeks-long separation

Dogs. You gotta love stories about them. And this story is so heartwarming it might reverse the coming winter. A Toronto dog named Dwaeji slipped out an open door and was picked up by a local animal shelter. However, due to rules about pitbull ownership, the dog’s owners had to prove that Dwaeji was not, in fact, a pit bull. And, don’t worry, there’s a happy ending.

Alberta was treated to a beautiful Northern Lights show

And no, not the ‘80s supergroup, the natural phenomenon! This is a banger week for gorgeous nature things. The other day, parts of Alberta were lit up beautifully by the aurora borealis and we collected some of the most beautiful photos posted online. Check it out!

And with that, we are done the week. We hope that these good news stories were smile-inducing and gave you some powerful good vibes, or maybe even some hope. Be sure to check back next week for another good news roundup.

Have a great weekend!