There’s no doubt about it- remote work is here to stay, one way or another. So, it’s nice to know that three Canadian spots have landed on a new list of the best cities for remote work in the world. After all, we don’t have to move to the Maldives or something to shake things up!

The list of the best cities for remote work comes from WorkMotion, which is a global HR company that focuses on international hires. They looked at a variety of metrics in creating their list, ranging from the cost of living to healthcare access, equality, and even simple happiness.

Montreal earned the top spot in Canada and came in 2nd overall worldwide. It stood out in gender and race equality categories and scored high marks in housing costs, general happiness, and mobility, earning an impressive score of 98.20/100 overall.

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Toronto was the second Canadian name, landing in the 6th spot overall. It had very similar scores as Montreal in most categories, but was dinged for the cost of housing and, weirdly, cultural attractions. All in, Toronto earned an overall score of 94.09. Interestingly, Toronto was ranked the world’s best city for remote work just a few months ago.

And finally, Vancouver is the third Canadian city to land on the list, coming in 16th. Here, the cost of housing, access to housing, and once again (weirdly) cultural attractions were the real detractors, which caused it to score an 84.03. For reference, it’s flanked by Barcelona and Madrid on the list, so it’s still got good company.

We more or less agree with WorkMotion, although we’re confused about the ‘cultural attractions’ score. No disrespect to Montreal, but as pseudo-experts in Toronto and Vancouver, we don’t think they’re really lacking on that front. No matter- they’re still some of the best cities for remote work in the world!