Well, it’s been a long time coming, but international travelers from Canada and beyond will finally be allowed to fly into the US once again beginning November 8th. But, as with most things these days, there are some new travel rules for the US you need to know before heading to our neighbours to the south.

The updated rules for international travelers flying into the US were released Monday by the Biden administration.

First off, starting on November 8th, all adult travellers into the US that aren’t immigrants will need to be fully vaccinated, with some very minimal exceptions. If you’re fully vaccinated, you’ll still need to complete a negative COVID test within three days of travel. Also, travellers who are not fully vaccinated and are still allowed to travel into the US would need to provide a negative test within a day of travel.

For travellers under 18, the US isn’t requiring full vaccination but instead is opting for every child 2 years of age and older to do get the same negative test as their parent or guardian.

Thankfully, Canadians who have mixed and matched doses will be considered fully vaccinated and allowed to travel into the US.

The new international travel rules for the US arrives as Canada’s own vaccine mandate for travel aims to come into effect on October 30th. Safe travels, folks!